Problems within the MCU:

So last month I took a month off from blogging to finish up a book series. During my time off, I thought about the MCU and how they are doing, and how they will be going forward. Now I’m a huge fan of Marvel films, they are fun and very entertaining, but there are some issues within the MCU, that I think needs to be said.


Let’s begin with the largest storyline Marvel is doing right now. Marvel has worked since Avengers to bring Thanos to the big screen. Now Thanos is one of the biggest villains in the entire Marvel Universe, and bringing him in with the Infinity Stones is probably the only way to do him justice. But they have already made a huge mistake with him.
In Guardians of the Galaxy, part 1, Thanos gets his first lines in the MCU, and the exchanges created an issue that is not easily undone. Thanos is supposed to strike fear in the hearts of every being that knows of him. Ronin wasn’t scared of him though. Hell at times it appeared Ronin was ready to fight Thanos, even before he got an infinity stone. Now I’m not knocking Ronin at all. I know Ronin is a strong villain, but it would have sold Thanos better if Ronin was scared of him.

Now you may be thinking, I’m just complaining about the MCU. I mean look at me, my last three articles were about the DCEU. To those who think that, thanks for reading the other articles. Honestly though, I want Infinity Wars to work. When you are using villains like Ultron, Ronin, Loki, to move the phases forward, they needs to be someone at the end that scares you. Marvel has done good storytelling, they have shown epic fight scenes, but they haven’t done fear yet.

So how can they rectify Thanos? Well for starters, take the gloves off with the villains. It looks like they may get the opportunity to do so with Thor going home. They can use that. Don’t send him back to Earth at the end of Ragnarok. Having Thor in Asgard, then having Thanos attack and easily defeat all of Asgard adds power to Thanos. It can also humanize Thor a little, which is another discussion. If Thor did go back to Earth though, they can still have Thanos attack and killing Odin would do about the same thing.
Here is the last thing on Thanos then I’m changing to something else that’s been annoying me. Thanos needs to win. If you are not a fan of comics, even if you are one, most of the time the villains don’t win. Thanos is different from most villains though. He has to be the winner in the Infinity War part 1.

The Civil War

So the Civil War happened. I thought the film was good, one of Marvel’s best, I was happy with the entire thing. The issue I have with it wasn’t its execution, more of its timing.
So what do I mean by that. The registration act in the comics exists from 2006 all the way to 2010. It changed the Marvel Universe on the same level the Death of Superman did for DC. Now I know the events that led up to Civil War started much earlier with Secret War, and Avengers Disassemble. Secret War was done in the form of Cap 2, and Disassemble could have been done for Cap 3 without needing to label it as Civil War.

How I would have done it, and these are just my opinions. I would have had New Avengers created during the first phase after Infinity War, as a response to the Thanos attack. I would then have the government respond with the registration act. You can have an Ironman movie in there with him going to congress to fight the bill. Then you have an incident where the Hulk loses control. It is one of the events that triggers the registration act. Hulk is sent off Earth, setting up Planet Hulk. Congress passes the registration act, Ironman is on one side Cap on the other.

Fighting breaks out, Cap needs a new avengers to fight Ironman’s. This is where you can call in your TV heroes and other movie heroes. The Civil War starts, two part fight with it ending with Ironman winning, Cap escaping, and the death of an avenger. After that we get another movie, this time Ironman loses, but Cap surrenders after the people ask him to stop.

I know it sounds like I just want them to follow the comics, but following the comics’ sets up the events that create future storylines. From this storyline we get Planet Hulk, and World War Hulk. Not to mention that this would lead directly to the Secret Invasion, then sets up Siege. All they have to do is have Sentry in the background and we have a hero and a villain more powerful than Thanos.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are simple. If you’re a comic book fan, you want the MCU and DCEU to work for a long time. Civil War is one of the most successful comic storylines ever, it deserved more than it got. Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, you got to do him justice or they shouldn’t have used him.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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