So its been a bit since i posted. I thought I would update everyone on what is going on in Hazard City. The chapter is progressing well I just been detracted by a few other things. Lucifer and Eva has been mostly edited just have a few more pages to go through. I have mostly decided I am going to end the first Chronicles of Hazard City book at Chapter 9 – After.

Because I have two books ending rather than just one, next month will be an editing month. Will still be writing chapters, but it wont be the focus. I will be doing blog articles with different comic book theories, if i have time will do few on writing.

I am also going to doing the Nanowrimo writing contests in November. Anyone who doesn’t know what that is, that is a writing contest where you write a novel in the month of November. A full novel is around 50,000 words, so that’s the goal for November. I have a novel in mind, but I’m going to have to outline it. I looked it up I am allowed outline in October so that will be a goal for October.

So goals for Octobers:

  • Outline for novel for Nanowrimo done
  • Lucifer and Eva complete, and selling on Amazon in Ebook and Print.
  • Chapter 1,2,3 edited, and posted
  • Liability Insurance for selling as a Vendor.
  • Chapter 13, and 14 posted
  • At least four blog posts.

Chapter 12 should be done soon.



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