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DCEU – Where is it going?

The DCEU has had a bit of a rough start, but after the release of Suicide Squad, it seems like they are turning it around. Time will only tell if the DCEU will ever be able to compete with the MCU, but things might be looking up. Each studio has shown that they are building towards a bigger story line. Marvel is going with its Infinity War, but that leads to the question. What is DC doing to counter this?

So what is DC countering Infinity War with? Well clearly in direct competition we have the Justice League movies that are coming out. These movies won’t be competition, though. When I ask what is DC countering with I’m asking what is DC doing long term? What is the event that they are going to use to bring the entire DCEU together?


Let’s start with Superman, the man who started the DCEU. We saw in Batman Vs Superman, something happens to connect Superman to Darkseid. In the animated show, made in the 90s, Superman is brainwashed by Darkseid. He is then sent to Earth to attack and conquer it. Now if Superman is really dead, it is possible that they may have Darkseid resurrect him. Superman would be fighting against Earth and the newly formed Justice League.

Now, why would they do this? Well, first they can’t have Superman just get up from being killed. That would remove all the tension from every Superman movie going forward. To know that if Superman fails, and dies, as a result, it will be temporary will make us not worry when he is facing someone stronger than him. If Darkseid resurrects him, it’s a little better. It won’t be perfect, but still better than just having him get up.

The second reason why they would have Darkseid resurrect Superman. Having him sent against Earth will confirm everyone’s fears about the superheroes. This lends itself to the creation of things like Cadmus. This leads me to Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad

Amanda, The Wall, Waller, leader of Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad. The mid credit scene between Amanda and Bruce Wayne showed a little tension. Amanda knows about Bruce’s late night activities as Batman. Bruce knows about the Suicide Squad and tells Amanda to shut the squad down or his friends will. This eludes to the Justice League going up against the Suicide Squad.

Ok so now that we got some facts out of the way. Where do I think the DCEU is heading? First Superman is coming back evil, but will redeem himself at the end of the movie. The Justice League will be formed, with Superman being part of it. Tensions will continue to build between the governments of Earth and the Justice League. This will continue until the event Trinity War.

Trinity War is the event where three different Justice Leagues square off against one another, the usual Justice League, a Justice League of America controlled by Amanda Waller, and Justice League Dark. They fight over Pandora’s Box which is then used to create a portal bringing The Crime Syndicate to Earth. They can change some of the details around, and manage to get the Trinity War to work. Like having the Suicide Squad for the Justice League of America, and instead of Pandora’s box they can just use a mother box. After doing that, they can move on to doing the Forever Evil storyline which is one of their better-rated stories.

Now in this theory, there is one big gap. As of right now, no movies are coming out for any of the Justice League Dark characters. With the events of Suicide Squad, we can assume that someone would have taken notice of the magical nature of the world ending event. We can’t be sure if anything will be done yet, but it could be that a team will quietly form to deal with some of the more magical threats.

Currently, there are also two untitled movies coming up in the DCEU. The first one is in 2018, and could be a Batman movie, or another Suicide Squad. Either way, both heroes can show more of the universe. Batman being the head of the Justice League would always be on the lookout for threats, or allies. Amanda Waller would also be looking for people who could take on the Justice League. All members of Justice League Dark do use magic which is one of Superman’s weaknesses. The other untitled movie, it’s a little hard to speculate, but that would be enough time for something like the second Man of Steel movie. Another movie that is coming is the Shazam movie. Shazam is a magic based hero. There may be another Justice League Dark member lurking within that movie.

Now this is all speculation on my part. The reason why I think it is credible is that DC has made it a regular thing to make it look like the DC universe already exists within the DCEU.

So that’s my theory on what’s going on with the DCEU. I could be wrong, but it feels like the storyline they would like to do.


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