Wonder Woman’s Villain

This last week was the San Diego Comic Con. Both of the big comic company revealed new trailers for upcoming universes. Arguably the greatest trailer of the con was the first trailer for Wonder Woman. The trailer was a hit, making it big with most fans. The one thing that stood out, there was no obvious villain.

So Wonder Woman was created back in 1941 and because of that most of her rogue’s gallery is from World War 2. When considering villains, I looked through those WW2 villains to see if something could match up to anyone in the trailer. One thing that I found interesting was a woman that was wearing a partial mask across her face.


The mask is what drew me to her. Personally, I think regardless of who she is she will be the main villain of Wonder Woman. When looking through the rogue’s gallery of Wonder Woman, I found a woman that looked similar, though admittedly not perfect. This villain is named Doctor Poison known as Princess Maru. She is a master of toxins, poisons, and plagues. To me having her in this movie would be interesting. World War 1 was the first war of the modern era. One of the marks of World War 1 is the use of chemical weapons. This environment would lend itself to someone like Doctor Poison.

The specialty is not the only reason why I think that Doctor Poison is in this Wonder Woman movie. The mask is another reason why. When looking at Dr. Poison is was drawn in a full black costume with a mask over her face. While the costumes don’t look much alike she the image shown is taken a ball.

Now it has been said that the woman in the mask could be the DC villain Morgaine le Fay. Now I can see why someone would think that. The mask is very similar to hers. The reason why I don’t believe she is the villain is that she doesn’t really fit the story’s time. She is powerful there is no question about that. She can be controlling, she is mystical, but she strikes me as someone that DC would hold back for now and wait for the proper moment to use her.

As mentioned the setting for this movie is during World War 1. The scars from WW1 are still seen in Europe. It is a massive war that has a bigger casualty count than several wars put together. When you consider this, I have to think that there is no way Ares isn’t in this movie somewhere.


When I recognized the commander in this picture, I started putting the pieces together. If you don’t know, this actor is Danny Huston. He has been many movies, including his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he played William Stryker. It’s hard to me to believe they would have cast him as some random general.

The other reason is that Wonder Woman is at that ball. She walks in, I’m assuming in the blue gown, and she is reaching for her sword.


She is not there to celebrate. She is at that ball to fight, and it looks like she is there to see that commander.

The reason why this movie has two villains, I don’t buy that Wonder Woman would get involved in World War 1 for no reason. She is an Amazon, who has lived her whole life not being part of the world. Why would she get involved now? If Ares were there, then she would have a reason to get involved, but another reason would be because Ares likes to work from the shadows manipulating events. World War One would be a playground for him.

Now I could be wrong. There is a rumor floating around that the main villain is actually Circe, and Wonder Woman will be told in two parts, one in WW1 the other in present day. Circe makes sense, but I think she is too powerful to be paired with Ares on the first outing. I also think splitting the story would be a terrible idea. Also, the entire first trailer is set in WW1, to start going back and forth in time would just be weird.

If you feel I missed something or think I’m wrong let me know in the comments.


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