July Announcements

So last month didn’t go as planned. The month taught a lot though.

On the Chronicles of Hazard City, I was spending the later part of the month deciding whether to take a break from editing the chapters and just writing the first draft. I decided that I did want to take a break from editing in the hope that I can get the first draft done in a few months as opposed to having a good second draft in a year. Things have worked out on that front. It has been three weeks since that decision, and I have finished three chapters.

Over the month of June, I did pose a question to other writers. The question was whether to take the drafts and publish them to patreon. Their advice was to be cautious about doing it. I have given it much thought, and I have decided that I want to publish the chapters onto the patreon site. If I see the response as harmful to the overall book, I will stop, but for now, I will start publishing the next chapter in a few days, and will continue posting as I get the chapters done. These chapters will be first drafts, which are raw, and unedited. So judge them with a grain of salt.

Aside from Hazard City, we are going to be having a new short story series. This will be the story of the Archangel Lucifer, and a demon named Eva. They will be published on the patreon, fully revised and edited, and will be published on Amazon.

For the blog, we will have a few more research article. The first is a small article on Batman Vs Superman and more specifically a theory I have regarding one of its villains, Doomsday. The second will be another research article on nanotechnology. This time I will focus on the medical side of it and talk about robotic cells such as nerve, and red blood cells. Finally we will have more articles about writing, how to create a world.

As side from that, I will just keep going on the book, and will keep everyone up today with what is going on with it. Hope you guys are enjoying the work so far, and if you haven’t yet like us on Facebook, follow on twitter, and subscribe to the blog to be kept up to date on everything.


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