June announcements:

This day marks me blogging for one month. We have made some strides in that month getting off the ground. Normally I would have an announcement at the end of each blog post to clue the reader on what is coming next, but I figure I would start focusing on creating content instead so at the beginning of each month I will be sending out a post about what’s in store for that month.

First, I am going to be continuing to post the first season of Chronicles of Hazard City on patreon. The chapters will be:

Chapter 4: Extortion:

Zeek is at a local shop when a group of thugs comes in demanding protection money. Zeek is forced to step in. The event brings back memories of Zeek’s past, and he asks Dylan to hunt down the thugs.

Chapter 5: Savagelands

Zeek gets word that another hit has been put on Haruna. Dylan goes to try to watch over her, but she is taken by a group called Verox. Will Dylan go into the dreaded Savagelands to save her?

In addition to the new chapters, the first three chapters will also be reposted after making some edits to the original.

Second, Chronicle of Hazard City is being expanded. I’m going to be posting the first in a six part series called Hunter. The first part is going up this month.

Third, we are going to be doing another research topic. This time it is going to be about creating carbon nanofibers from the atmosphere.

Fourth, we are going to be another short story:

A teenage girl lost and alone is about to end everything when an old woman comes to visit.


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