Chronicles of Hazard City: Zeek’s Hideout

Known as the leader of Talen Company, a small band of mercenaries, Zeek always goes where he is needed most. Most of the time he can stay at the main base in the Middle East Empire and watch from satellites, but sometimes he is needed in an urban city, like Hazard City. At those times, Zeek ships an urban hideout that he can use to blend into the city and provide information to his operatives in the field.

Eighteen shipping containers make up the two-story hideout. On the outside the hideout looks like two rows of shipping containers. The front has a blue colored container followed by a yellow, a red, and another yellow. No operative of Talen Company, besides Zeek, knows what’s inside the yellow containers, but the red container is the only entrance that the group knows of. The blue container is used for general storage; most use it for specific weapons, or tech, that the operative likes to bring, or in Dylan’s case to bring in a car he can only use in a city.

Once inside the hideout the floor is unusually flat. Because Zeek is wheelchair bound, he has put a second layer of steel down to smooth out the ridges and let him to move around easily. Most of the walls on the first floor only serve to keep the roof from coming down, but Zeek keeps them from being confining by cutting holes in them and using them as doors. These doors go to the different rooms that Zeek has created.

On one side of the first floor, Zeek puts a large multi monitored computer. He keeps the computer strapped to the wall and then sends the wires up towards the ceiling. Zeek uses this computer to worm his way into city computers to find information for his operatives.

The next container is used as a ramp for Zeek to get access to the next floor. Two ramps do this on opposite sides of the first floor.

The middle two containers hold a large armory. Zeek arms his men with the best equipment he can find before sending them out for missions. Two tables run along the right wall of the armory. These tables are used as storage space, mostly used to hold ammo and smaller weapons. On the walls, there are pegs that have larger weapons like RPGs, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.

The last container on the first floor is one of the more complicated containers because it has to be watertight at all times. It is used to purify and cycle water back into the bathroom, which is right above it.

The second floor of the hideout is where Zeek lives from day to day. The first row of containers hold the six generators that power the entire hideout. These two containers are unique because the tops of them are lined with solar panels. Each generator is capable of running the hide out on its own for six hours. When one generator goes offline, it instantly starts to charge. Charging only takes twelve hours and when finished, it is capable of holding the energy for ninety days.

The center container on the second floor is just open space. It is made to serve as a hallway that leads forwards, to the kitchen, back, where there is a small bed, left, to a door the leads to a bathroom, right, to the area where the generators are.

When the mission is finished, Zeek has to disassemble the hideout and get it shipped back to the main base. For this reason, the eighteen containers all break apart from each other and act as if they were normal shipping containers. In a large boat filled with hundreds of similar containers, they blend in and are almost invisible. Each container is numbered with a ten-digit code that Zeek uses to assemble and disassemble the hideout.

Not the most exciting profile I could have done this week, but I thought it was something that I didn’t explain very well in the chapter. This Tuesday, we will be releasing Chapter 2, Madam Vanco. Dylan will have to find an information broker named Samuel, and Haruna will have to deal with Madam Vanco.


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