Chronicles of Hazard City: A Corrupt City

What if I told you that if you dialed 911 right now that no one would be coming to save you. Would you understand? Probably not, we live in a world that when we call for help, we expect it to be answered. This is not the case in Hazard City, and the people of Hazard know it. They know it so much that a typical slogan in Hazard City is “Hazard City, a city owned by criminals and ran the corrupt.”

We start out first profile on the corruption on Hazard City. We won’t be getting to far into how bad the city actually is since I have only released one chapter, but I can talk about the corruption that is shown.

Let’s start with the first thing that happens, Dylan tell the bartender to call for paramedics. When Dylan is told that the paramedics won’t come to the area, the bartender also says that its because the people in the area started stealing from the ambulances.

The showing of this comes from something that my dad told me. He was a paramedic, he said wearing that uniform let him to into places that he would otherwise not be allowed in. It was because he, and all paramedics really, were there to help not hurt and was understood be most people who saw him. So in Hazard City for areas of the city to be considered to dangerous for the paramedics can be telling about how desperate some people are.

The next thing that happened was in the hospital. Haruna Wu, the ADA that the Russian mob was after, looked for a tattoo on the Russian’s body. When she found it, she proclaimed that the police wouldn’t be coming because most of them were bought off by the Russians that were there.

This does a few things for the situation. If the cops were coming then Dylan, and Miles, would have just kept moving. Avoiding the Russians until the cops got to them. When the cops weren’t going to come, a switch almost triggered inside Dylan making him want to confront the Russians where they were strongest ending the fight.

This also shows another thing, how close things have gotten between the government and the criminals. This makes Hazard City, an American city, close to a Mafia state.

That is the end of this profile for now. When I get to around Chapter 5, I will do an update for this profile. I hope you enjoy Chronicles of Hazard City, I’m currently working hard on the next chapter to be releasing it on May 17th. I also will be continuing to do profiles every week.

If you haven’t checked the chapter its posted free on my Patreon account

the link is:


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